The information above has been compiled to better assist you as you plan your vacation. It is our sincerest pleasure to host you and want you to have a wonderful time! Please enjoy your Coloma Cottage! 

Coloma Cottages Policies

              Coloma Cottages are located at 5941 New River Road, Coloma, Ca. 95613.

                                                       (Please follow the directions on our website because GPS may take you the "long way")      

                                        As a confirmed vacation guest of the cottages you hereby accept and agree to the following:

 PLEASE NOTE that the Riverfront Studio has a nice, clean outhouse with a flushing toilet just outside the front door AND a shower house about 200 feet away from the cottage. These units are exclusive to the guests of the studio while visiting***

•             CELL SERVICE: Keep in mind that Coloma is rural, and Verizon Wireless is the strongest cellular provider in our area. Other service providers have inconsistent reception.
•             CHECK-IN: Check-in time is between 3:00pm-8:00pm. If your arrival time is going to be later than 8pm, please let us know as soon as possible. We reserve the right to charge a LATE CHECK-IN fee of $25. 
•             GATE: Coloma Cottages are in a gated property so you must text us for your gate code when you are 45 minutes away. THE GATE CODE WILL EXPIRE IF NOT USED WITHIN 45 MINUTES OF CONTACTING US and we will charge a $15 re-programming fee if it expires.
•            ID: If you have booked through an online booking engine and have already provided your ID, or if you have stayed with us before, and you do not require that our host meet you upon arrival, please let us know.

•             WIFI: At this time, WIFI can only be accessed in the Riverhaus" & "Rio Azul". Otherwise you can utilize your Verizon phone service or access the internet at our local cafés.​​​​

•             OCCUPANCY: Riverdeck #2, Bullits Bar #3 & the Romantic River Studio's #4 rates are based on double occupancy (2 people). Riverhaus #6 & Rio Azul #7 rates are for 4 occupants. It is $15 pp/pn thereafter. Maximum occupants: Bullits Bar, River Deck & Romantic Riverfront Studio is 4, Riverhaus 5 & Rio Azul 7.
•             LINENS/TOWELS: We provide linens, blankets and towels for 2 people in the Riverdeck, Bullits Bar, Romantic Riverfront Studio and for 4 people in the Riverhaus & Rio Azul.  Please bring your own linens and towels for extra occupants. If you need additional sheets and / or blankets we may be able to provide them for a fee of $15 per set. This depends on availability and we cannot guarantee them.
•             TENTS: Tent camping is available with "express written" permission from owner & on a limited basis. Tents can be placed near your cottage only and are not allowed in the common areas unless you have rented all cottages. Space rent is $30 per night for two people then $15 per person thereafter.
•             GUESTS: If you would like to invite friends or family over for the day you must have "express written" permission from the owner and they can stay until 10pm. There is no charge for up to 2 visiting guests per cottage. The rate is $15 per person after 2 visiting guests with a maximum of 5. If you have reserved all the cottages, there is no charge for up to 10 visiting guests. If a guest stays past 10:00 pm, without permission they will be asked to leave the property.
•             ARRIVAL: When you arrive, enter your code; wait one second & the gate will open. Do not enter #. Please go directly to the Cottage and someone will meet you there or text you with entry instructions. 
•             NEIGHBORS: Our property is a multiple use property, which means that we have year-round tenants at this location. Please be respectful of your neighbors and they will be respectful of you.
•             NOISE: We are in a tourist area that is popular for whitewater rafting, weddings, camping, etc. There is also an outdoor school across the river October through May, so please keep in mind that there will usually be noise from these activities; however quiet hours are from 10pm-7am. If you experience noise that is unpleasant, please do not hesitate to call us.
•             DEPOSIT: A $100.00 deposit is required with your reservation, and if you used a booking engine such as AIRBNB it is already paid. If you did not book on AIRBNB, your card will be authorized for this amount. For long term rentals we will charge your card in advance. If any damage exceeds your deposit, your credit card will be charged or an airbnb resolution case will be opened.
•             SMOKING: Smoking IS allowed outside only and at least 200 feet away from any structures. If you do smoke within 200 feet of any structures or if we find smoke odor inside the cottage (including, cigarettes, candles, incense, marijuana, or other items that produce smoke) this will result in the total loss of your deposit and additional cleaning fees at $45 per hour and/or an air purification fee of $25 per hour up to 24 hours or until odor is completely gone.
•            PETS: We do allow dogs at the Cottages with pre-approval and a $10 pet fee per day. Please provide a description of your dog, including weight, breed and a photo or TWO. We will then let you know if your DOG has been approved to stay. If you are bringing your dog please keep in mind that the $10 fee is NOT a cleaning fee. Extra cleaning charges apply at $45 per hour, one hour minimum, if DOG hair is found on the furniture. So please bring your dogs bedding and/or a kennel.  Dogs over 75 pounds are not allowed. Visiting pets are $10 per day and cannot stay past 10pm. If you bring a dog without pre-approval this will result in the total loss of your security deposit plus fees.
•            DAM: The American River is dam controlled, so the water levels fluctuate daily. Typically the river will be higher in the morning and lower in the evening on the weekends, and flows vary during the week. For accurate flow information go to
•            LIFE VESTS: Our county does require that you wear a life vest if floating down the river and does not allow local companies to rent them to you. You will have to purchase your own life vest or find an out of the area company that rents them if you plan on floating down the river without a commercial river company that provides vests. The Sheriff's department does patrol the river on a regular basis and they will issue a ticket if you do not have a life vest on. 
•             GOLD: We do not allow gold panning or dredging on the property of any kind, due to mineral rights of the owner. But if you’d like to pan for gold, please check state park and county rules for panning areas.
•             CHECKING-OUT: Check out time is strict at 11am. Sometimes a late check out may be accommodated depending on availability. But please text as soon as possible. We reserve the right to charge a $25 late check-out fee.

Checking out is easy! (1) Wash, dry and put away all of dishes used, including pots and pans. Dishes must be clean and ready for the next guest to use. Please use warm soapy water and make sure there is no grease or food particles present (We charge $25 if we have to wash dishes) (2) Turn off AC or heater (3) Please take out all trash and place recycling items in the proper containers. The trash receptacles are located on the left of the driveway as you exit the property (4) Leave keys on the table or counter where they are clearly visible ($50 for missing keys) That's it! We will take care of the rest!

*** Important!! Please call or text us when you have vacated so we can send the housekeeper over. Thank you***

       Refund and cancellation policy: You may cancel your reservation for a 50% refund up to 7 days prior to check-in. After 7 days we do not issue refunds but can attempt to re-book the cottage and reschedule your reservation. If we cannot re-book the cottage, there will be no refund, but we will do the best we can to accommodate you. Processing fees for re-booking and/or agreed upon cancellations will be $25.

* The Cottages are exclusive “non-commercial” small homes on PRIVATE property. They are available by reservation only and owner reserves the right to remove any unwanted guest *